1. General: Respect the following community guidelines

  1. Be fair to other users
    PLEASE DON'T disrespect the personal rights of others through insults, verbal abuses, sexual harassment, libel, defamation or publishing texts and messages that were intended to stay private.

2. Images

  1. Keep it clean
    PLEASE DON'T publish images containing nudity, pornography, glorification of violence, potentially breaching copyright or right-wing material or publish shocking images and pictures.

3. Nickname

  1. Choose a name that makes people curious
    PLEASE DON'T use brand or company names, discriminatory terms, political statements or any right-wing sentiments. Try to choose a name that makes people curious and interested to discover your profile.

4. Text

  1. Be polite and respectful towards others
    PLEASE DON'T use pornographic, discriminatory or violent language, nor make any commercial offers, threats or insults nor post anything that could damage someone's reputation. Don

5. Profile

  1. Honesty is the best policy
    PLEASE DON'T make fake profiles, nor profiles for commercial, political or other improper purposes

Please help keep bemydate open and fun for everyone by sticking to these rules. Any violations will lead to offending profiles being permanently blocked.