1. What is bemydate? The dating app for your mobile or PC! Whether you're at home or out, now you can meet fun, like-minded singles whenever the mood takes you. Register free to find singles in your area, start flirting and meet-up immediately.
  2. Which features does bemydate include? bemydate's Check-in feature helps you and other bemydate members find each other when you're out. Check-in from your favourite bar to see who else is nearby or maybe even sitting over there in the blue shirt in the corner. Or perhaps you like the look of someone's profile? bemydate offers lots of fun ways to get in touch, such as sending a smile or virtual gift, taking a wavelength test and of course sending a message. And beyond being a great way to pass the time, the free fun quizzes allow every member to share their results and see what they have in common with other singles. Here's a hint: they're also a great conversation starter!
  3. How can I access bemydate online? Simply enter into your web browser (eg Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera), as you do with any other website. The address works from both your mobile or your PC, automatically showing an optimised version for each format.
  4. Which mobile phones does bemydate support? bemydate is optimised for both your mobile and PC. All mobile phones with an Internet browser and all operating systems such as iPhone, Android, Symbian and more are supported.
  5. What do I need to use bemydate? You need a computer with an Internet connection or a mobile phone with the correct Internet settings - if you have any problems, your mobile operator should be able to provide these for you.
  6. How can I tell if my mobile phone can access the Internet? Just go to the page on your mobile. If it opens, it works and you're ready to flirt! To open the page, you will need to open the Internet on your phone, which you can usually find under 'Internet', 'Web', 'Browser', 'Safari' or similar in your phone's menu.
  7. Will my mobile number be made public? No, your number is not made public by bemydate.
  8. How does bemydate know my location? bemydate either looks at where you've checked-in or automatically evaluates the location information from your phone.
  9. How does bemydate find proposed partners for me? bemydate first examines people in your area then calculates their compatibility with your profile.
  10. What are favourites? Found a potential flirt? Then add them as a favourite. That way it'll always be easy to find their profile, plus you'll be kept up-to-date with what they're up to.
  11. What are Flirt Points? Flirt Points are the currency in bemydate. Top-up, then you can send virtual gifts.
  12. How do I get Flirt Points? When you register, you get 5,000 Flirt Points credited to your account for free. If the account is empty, you automatically get the ability to add new Flirt Points.